Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#RoyalBaby Offers Public Health A Unique Opportunity To Advocate For Maternal and Child Health

As Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, went into labor early yesterday morning, public health organizations and advocates took advantage of the opportunity to talk about maternal and child health.  Since much of the world was following the #RoyalBaby story, it made sense to make the connection to public health work.

Here are some of my favorite tweets and topics:





Andy's tweet was in response to this image from Oreo:



As I've noted in related posts, I hope these organizations are evaluating their communication strategies!

  • Have they seen an increase in traffic to their websites and resources?
  • Have they engaged a new audience by aligning with the #RoyalBaby news?
  • What organizational resources are needed to develop communication plans that coordinate with timely global and pop culture news?
  • What lessons learned can be applied to future communication efforts? 
What do you think?
  • Are these types of communication strategies effective in reaching a broader audience?
  • Are there other relevant public health tweets that you felt were creative and engaging?  Please share!!

1 comment:

  1. Great round-up! I liked the @HHSGov one as well.

    The Oreo tweet illustrates the dangers of hopping onto a Twitter/pop culture trend without enough forethought. Major #fail on their part.