Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pink Fatigue? JCPenney's Sexist Merchandise. Smoking and its Box Office Impact. What Am I Reading This Week?

Here are the top 5 stories I'm following this week:

1. Amid breast cancer month- Is there pink fatigue? A very important public health story. "Awareness" does not equal behavior change (e.g., increased screenings or access to medical care). A related story appeared last week in Upstream: A forum on interdisciplinary health communication.

2. JCPenney CEO responds to petition to stop selling sexist clothing marketed to young girls like "I'm too pretty to do homework". The company is using this incident as a "teachable moment".

3. The use of social media in street protests can be effective for both protesters and police. A story in ScienceDaily.

4. Smoking is a drag at the box office. An analysis of top-grossing movies from the past decade shows that films with smoking make less money.

5. Video game can reduce fatigue in African American women with lupus. A pilot study to explore using Wii Fit to reduce fatigue.

What are you reading this week?

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