Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Inspiration for Pop Health

Welcome! For quite some time now, I have been wanting to find a way to combine two of my greatest interests. Public Health- the area where I have formal training and experience...and Pop Culture- which I shamelessly love and enjoying analyzing. Last year, one of my Professors from Graduate School directed a project which conducted a content analysis of the media coverage of the Rhianna and Chris Brown "incident". I went to a talk she gave on the results and thought "That would be my dream job...a way to combine my love of public health and tabloids and E! News"!
I've also been inspired by several "bloggers" in my personal and professional life to jump in and give this a try. As a teaching assistant, I collaborated on a class project that used a blog called "Challenging Dogma" to display final papers and generate conversation about their central themes/arguments. A great friend and colleague blogs weekly for Psychology Today with a column called "Promoting Hope, Preventing Suicide". I've really enjoyed being a reader of that blog and forwarding on articles/stories that I think she may be interested in. So now I'm trying it myself with my own stories. Enjoy!

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  1. This is great! I have wanted to do something similar for years myself. I just finished my MPH as well and got my BA in Communication. I have said to my colleagues for a long time that we need to grab on to the pop culture references to promote what public health is and how it affects peoples lives.

    Kudos to you...i hope you can make this a successful endeavor!!!